Antalya Korkmaz Emlak’dan ALANYA Satılık Ultra Lüx Villa

İlan No: 120
3 katlı, brüt 300 m2 kullanım alanı bulunan, 4 oda + 1 salon
239,000 EUR239,000 EUR = 2,224,708 TRY
239,000 EUR = 283,263 USD
239,000 EUR = 216,902 GBP

Son Güncelleme: 17 Kasım 2015

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  • Resimlerde görülen her şey fiyata dahildir. Birinci sınıf işçilik ve malzeme kullanılmış olan villanın, Özellikleri: Oda sayısı 3 Salon 1 Banyo 1 + Misafir Wc 1 Ayrı Mutfak Balkon 2 + Buyuk Teras Ankastre Beyaz Esya Her Odada ve Salonda Klima Duvardan Duvara Halıfleks Mutfak ve Banyoda Yerden Isıtma sistemi Zebrano Marka Mobilyalar Granit Taban Jenerator Ve daha fazlası .. Ayrıca bu nezih ve bakımlı villa kompleksinde buyuk yuzme havuzu ve özel barbeku alanı mevcuttur . V.i.P. Villa Nur Kestel Unique architecture at the Turkish Riviera In a gorgeous residence with a very well – tended garden with trees, palms, plants, romantic waterfalls and a pool of 100 m2 is this fully luxuriously furnished villa is located. Distinguishing itself from the other ones in the same residence by its special, elegant and tasteful architecture inside. It has is built on ca. 300 m2 ground and has an own garden in front and besides of the house. Own parking place and a a modern appearance. It is only 200 m to the sea and the distance to Alanya is about 4 km. in fact it is a modern suburb – villa, but what a suburb, in the future prices here will go up more then elsewhere, because the local authority does not allow constructions of high buildings here. Let’s describe now this beautiful and special house: in the ground floor two rooms of 40 and 12 m2 respectively with a guest toilet and a sliding door to the garden. Up now to the first floor with a living room of ca. 65 m2 with a big balcony on the front side. The walls of the big room in the ground floor and the living room are covered with a wooden wainscotting and go very well together with the expensive floor covering in these rooms. if in the living room you look upwards, you see a gorgeously decorated balcony, belonging to the sleeping room in the second floor, where, any moment a modern Julia may appear, who wants her lovesong sung by her Romeo below. The big luxurious kitchen with its beautiful special tiles is partly a sunroom with a lot of light and equipped with modernest white goods. High valued granite has been used for this unique kitchen . In the second floor we find a sleeping room of 25 m2 with a balcony, offering a great view of Alanya and the sea. From there we go to the library and the luxurious big bathroom with a big round yakuzi and a wonderful shower cabin with massage , radio and so on . Finally we go up to the terrace ( ca. 100 m2 ) with a view of the mountains , the sea , Alanya and the whole bay . A small kitchen has been installed there to make life easy there . Well, a lot has been written here, but words are not enough .

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